GRONK Radio Network

Established in 1967, The GRONK Radio Network is a network of Remotely Controlled Base Stations, also known as Remote Stations or Remote Bases, operating primarily in the UHF Amateur Radio Spectrum of 420-450MHz. Operating continuously for over 50 years, GRONK is the oldest mountaintop Amateur Radio Network of such remote relay stations. The Southwest where GRONK began is almost a dream come true with its many high mountains affording grand vistas and long radio hauls. With the vision of a handful of friends, their enthusiasm & experimentation, and plenty of hard work, an institution was born.

GRONK endures with the vigor of its members, coming from many walks of life. We share a common love of amateur radio, experimentation, communication, innovation, technical excellence, camaraderie, lending a helpful hand, and contributing to our community. GRONK supports the activities of many other groups, sometimes behind the scenes. Every group has its own unique character, and we encourage this diversity. We are a membership-based organization and encourage those interested to get to know us. We're the "Un-Cola" of the radio scene, and whether we're the flavor for you or not, the best way to know is experience.

We believe in tried & true technologies. Likewise, we enjoy experimenting! Ours is primarily an analog radio system, however we are amidst the digital age. We began the journey with tubes, giving way to solid state, and now FPGA & DSP! We've long used APCO Project 25 (P25) as our digital flavor of choice & support it within parts of our system. Also in the digital realm, we've integrated AllStar RoIP (Radio over Internet Protocol) into our network. This adds greatly to our flexibility. What a Fine Thing indeed!

If you're a "techie" and do more than just talk, check us out. While talking is part-in-parcel with radio, any good group needs do-ers. We have many projects and look forward to bringing aboard those enthusiastic about radio in its many facets!

For additional information contact Matt W6KGB